8 Most Trendy Interior Wallpaper Designs for 2024

Choosing a wallpaper design is an underrated task. The right wallpaper can lend a breathtaking quality to your interior. The wrong choice can make your home instantly forgettable.

But finding the “right one” is much easier said than done. There are simply too many wallpaper ideas to choose from in this day and time.

No need to worry. We’ve curated a list of wallpaper designs that might end your search. Interior design experts predict these trends will have widespread appeal in home decor in 2024:

Whether you’re remodeling your home, or moving into a new one, you will find something that suits your taste and requirements.

8 Trendy Wallpaper Ideas for any room



You must be thinking —Stripes? The bland type in my grandma’s living room? This timeless wallpaper design can create an eye-catching backdrop in your home, regardless of your preference—thick, thin, horizontal, or vertical.

The modern designs feature stylish flairs—from simple alternating colors to bold and wavy stripes that are great for accent walls or corridors. Also, stripes ranked as one of the most used wallpapers for home designers in 2023. Therefore, expect more in 2024.

If optical illusions are your thing, or you wish to make your home appear larger, stripes are your go-to wallpaper.

Remember, the application makes the difference, so seek professional advice before sticking that wallpaper on your walls.

Accented Wall


Creating an accent wall is an inexpensive way to create focus points and make spaces appealing. This classic home decor style has made a quiet comeback through wallpapers.

It presents an experimental design option for people skeptical about plastering wallpapers on all their walls and those who fancy dynamism in their homes.

Regardless of your reason, you can create a harmonious flow in your interior design by ensuring wall paints and furniture colors are similar to those in the wallpaper.

Peel and stick Wallpaper


If you are the type that can’t settle on which wallpaper design to use, this is for you. As the name suggests, it offers easy application and removal from your walls. Simply put, it’s DIY-friendly.

Advantages include:

  • Ease of cleaning
  • Experiment-worthy
  • Temporary or permanent decor
  • Damage-free installation and removal
  • Versatility.

The ease of installation and removal feature make this a popular choice among homeowners, tenants, and those hoping to save on installation.

The quality of your peel-and-stick wallpaper will determine its price, so avoid cheap products. Also, they are usually not recommended for textured walls.

More wallpapers will adapt this style in 2024.

Artist-Designed Wallpapers


Wallpapers are a medium for you to be expressive and creative. What better way to make a statement than getting a wallpaper designed by your favorite artist? Your walls will go from ordinary to a work of art.

Artists use various art forms to express emotions while designing. These provide you with options to achieve the desired mood for your space.

One perk of using this wallpaper style is that you can experiment with abstract artwork and fan fiction art.

Ceiling wallpaper


Aside from adorning walls, wallpapers can also transform your ceiling. Ceiling wallpapers can add visual appeal, excitement, and balance to your space.

They can also add color and perspective to rooms with busy walls, hide blemishes, and even illuminate rooms.

Framed Wallpaper


Framed wallpapers are regaining popularity because interior designers are willing to try less conventional home decor styles.

This wallpaper style can elevate hidden spaces, cabinets, ceilings, wall panels, and joinery.

In some cases, empty picture frames are hung over wallpaper portions to give them an artistic feel.

Themed Wallpaper (nature, desert, ocean, etc.)


Imagine if the view beside your bed was that of a retro car overlooking a purple neon city. Scenarios like this can be associated with themed wallpapers.

More creatives will shift to this trend because of its immersive and futuristic features.

Expect most themes to center on the ocean, space, desert, and other natural landscapes.

Muted Peaches


Induce the subtle feel of luxury into your home with the lighter shades of these colors—pink, purple, beige, and brown.

These colors reflect light beautifully, inducing a stylish atmosphere. In addition, they look better on wallpapers with raised patterns, metallic hints, and similar designs.

Expect more of these in bedrooms and living rooms.

Are Wallpapers Still in Style?

The answer is—yes, wallpapers are still one of the biggest interior design trends.

The innovative designs of trendy peel-and-stick wallpaper options have encouraged more professionals and homeowners to be adventurous.

With a sheet covering your walls, you can create illusions of bigger spaces or immersive atmospheres that reflect your personality, whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist.

What is the Latest Wallpaper Trend?

One of the latest wallpaper trends is Contemporary Trompe L’oeil, which in French means—deceive the eye. It is an art style that creates the illusion of a real object.

This design style dates back to the Renaissance era in ancient Greece and Rome. In this era, artists like Zeuxis and Parrhasius committed so much realism into their wall paintings that they fooled humans.

Trompe L’oeil style wallpapers began in the 18th century and quickly became a popular interior decor option. Today, Contemporary Trompe L’oeil wallpapers are highly in demand because they combine timeless elegance with modern creativity to create visually arousing interiors.


What type of wallpaper is best to use?

Before selecting a wallpaper, look beyond your aesthetic needs and consider the ease of application, durability, and cleaning.

Pre-pasted vinyl and vinyl-coated wallpapers tick the boxes. They are resistant to tears, can be readjusted during application, and are easy to clean in case of dust and stains.

Modern interior design in 2024 will see a range of creative and unconventional wallpaper applications. However, before you jump on a wallpaper trend, consider the room’s purpose, furniture pieces, finishing, and the direction of light.