About Me

Hi, I’m Frank Patton, an interior designer who’s also a painter and drywall expert. Although I started out painting homes, I’ve always had a thing for home decor and apartment makeovers.

In 2011, after more than a decade as a full-time painter, one of my clients casually asked me for advice on his upholstered dining chairs. He liked what I did with his kitchen and dining room, which was basically to transform the ambience using muted colors. He was going for a rustic but cozy look and wanted to know what kind of dining set would fit his vision. After listening to my ideas for a few minutes, he simply asked if I wanted to customize both rooms. I made it clear that I had never designed a home interior professionally before, but he still gave me the go-ahead.

That was my first interior design job. In the decade since then, I’ve built a full-time career transforming the houses of Montana’s residents. It’s safe to say painting and drywall installation are now the things that I do part-time.

I started this blog because I’ve met many people who have the creative vision and zeal but simply don’t know where to get the resources or how to even get started. Think of Frank Patton Interiors as a free library where you can get tips, ideas, trade secrets, and all you need to be a fantastic interior designer. If I’m not remodeling my man cave for fun for the 30th time (yes, I have a man cave), then I’m somewhere reading or writing. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.