10 Best Tips For Creating A Modern Interior Design

Modern interior design has remained one of the most trendy interior design styles for good reason. Modern homes make use of simplicity, clean lines, and neutral color schemes, lending them their oft-desired brilliance.

However, achieving a well-executed modern aesthetic is easier said than done. As an interior designer, I’ve found there’s a tendency for people to confuse it with minimalism and limit their creativity.

Still, it’s possible for a novice to construct a beautiful modern space without relying too much on a home remodeling service or a professional interior designer. With these tips, you won’t need to be an expert to create a brilliant modern interior design:

  1. Plan and visualize.
  2. Stick to a neutral color scheme.
  3. Avoid clutter and keep it simple.
  4. Add modernist art.
  5. Focus on lines.
  6. Choose an open-plan layout.
  7. Use streamlined furniture.
  8. Throw in a bold color.
  9. Go for large windows.
  10. Incorporate statement lighting.
  1. Plan and Visualize


    Creating a masterpiece requires planning, so it pays to have a visual representation of your idea before you start decorating. You can start by taking a measurement of your room so you know how much space you’re working with.

    Draw a simple sketch of what you think your home decor should look like on a wide sketch pad, taking into account the measurements of the spaces the larger objects will occupy. When visualizing your design idea, you should take inspiration from any of the different styles of modern home design. This will help you start on the right note.

  2. Stick to a Neutral Color Scheme


    Neutral color palettes are a trademark of modern homes. They help to establish the simplicity for which this design style is well known. Opt for natural shades like white, beige, brown, and gray. Their unassuming quality gives you a blank canvas to incorporate any bold furniture or colors later.

  3. Avoid Clutter and Keep It Simple


    This is the part where you lean into minimalism. When adding furniture to your space, use a “less is more” approach and stick to functional pieces. Declutter countertops and walls, and opt for minimal decor pieces. This helps to achieve the airy and spacious feel that modern homes are associated with.

  4. Add Modern Art


    Modern art will represent some of the boldest expressions in your interior decor. This art style denotes 19th- and 20th-century avant-garde art movements such as cubism, abstract art, and fauvism. Hanging up a bold abstract painting at a focal point in the room will do the trick. You can also place several art frames in a nice symmetrical arrangement to infuse more personality.

  5. Focus on Lines


    Modern interiors are built on crisp, uninterrupted lines. This means opting for furniture and objects with strong horizontal and vertical lines. Don’t limit the room’s expression to straight lines, however. You can add more personality by including some items with curvy and interesting lines.

  6. Choose an Open-plan Layout


    Modern interior design is associated with spacious, light-filled rooms, and there’s no better way to achieve that than with an open-plan layout. As much as possible, secure an open layout for your living, dining, and kitchen areas.

    Sticking to the philosophy of functional furniture, avoid including unnecessary structures. This keeps the area expansive and promotes free airflow.

  7. Use Streamlined Furniture


    Many modern homes use furniture with a simple outlook. This means furniture pieces with simple lines and little to no use of decorations or bold patterns. You can opt for classic furniture styles that were popular in the 20th century, as these fit in with the modern aesthetic.

  8. Throw in a Bold Color


    Don’t make the mistake of thinking modern interior design is all about black and white colors and the shades in between. Modern spaces are not afraid to make use of bold colors. This adds some visual interest to the room, whether it be in the form of an artwork, a furniture piece, or a houseplant.

    Typical color pops you can sprinkle into your modern home decor include red, blue, yellow, and green. In recent times, bright colors like pink have also been used to add some dynamic

  9. Go for Large Windows


    Big windows allow for lots of natural lighting, which is a crucial element in modern home design. Natural light opens up the space in a room and makes it feel more expansive.

    If possible, avoid using curtains and drapes on the windows. This helps promote the spacious, airy feeling that modern interiors are well-known for. Another trick is to use more mirrors. This creates more light and makes your space seem larger than it is.

  10. Incorporate Statement Lighting


    Statement lighting fixtures have become a popular trend in modern homes. While being visually striking, they can also be functional, providing a well-lit ambience for your kitchen, dining room, or living room. Some of the best options for modern spaces are abstract pendants, flush-mount lighting, and angular chandeliers